Maybe 10 years ago, I used to watch the Linnet Jennings tv show. Custom Wedding Bouquet Preservation, Wedding Flower Preservation, Gift for the Couple, Flowers in Resin, Made with YOUR flowers myflowersforever. FOUR THINGS YOU WILL SEE DAILY FROM YOUR WEDDING: SPOUSE, RING, PICTURES & YOUR PRESSED BOUQUET! 2%. Create a wedding floral art keepsake and preserve your wedding bouquet so you can keep your flowers forever. Place your flowers between two sheets of parchment paper and place them inside a heavy book. Making Brides Smile Since 1994. Once you decide which method of wedding bouquet preservation works for you and your budget, you’ll want to be extra careful with it once your wedding day rolls around. See more ideas about wedding bouquets, wedding, forever memories. Any couples who are immediately heading off on honeymoon should plan ahead of time what they’re doing – can you entrust your mum or a bridesmaid with either sending off the blooms to be dried or doing one of these methods below? Skip the bouquet toss! 4. 5 out of 5 stars (172) 172 reviews. Read on for the best ways to preserve your bouquet and wedding flowers, from turning them into a paperweight to drying and framing them. I'm Sarah-Jane your Local Flower Preservation & Framing Specialist, celebrating 30 years of Bridal Bouquet and Remembrance Flower Preservation in Kent. I've been so nervous & excited to do this because I ONLY GET ONE SHOT at preserving my wedding bouquet! READ MORE: How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Alternative bouquets. If you’re looking to have fresh flowers at your wedding, pressing your bouquet is something to consider in order to extend the life of your flowers. Treasured Flowers can preserve any flower arrangement you have that holds that special meaning. months[3] = "March"; Dip your flower heads in one-by-one until they’re completely covered, immediately pull out of the wax and leave to dry hanging down. How We Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet . They can also dry them flat and frame them if you’d prefer that! months[4] = "April"; Turn small, delicate flowers into the heart of a locket. Using only the finest equipment the industry offers, our preserved floral bouquets are wedding day keepsakes that can be treasured for decades. Floral PreserVation & Designs specializes in wedding flower preservation, flower petal jewelry, bridal bouquet preservation, memorial flowers, and life celebration flower preservation. 2%. The process is tricky so it’s worth practising a few times before you go wild with any sentimental flowers. days[2] = "Monday"; Weight the book down further with vases or more books and leave for 7-10 days. Everlasting Words and Flowers